So it's decided we stink at blogging

We've been done with our trip for how long and I'm just now blogging on here? Oh, that's right A WEEK! Oh well. We had a great time and we decided we're never doing it again. Disney again, yes. Road trip again, yes. Just not a road trip to Disney World.

Anywho I left you on our first day of Disney. We went to the Magic Kingdom as is tradition with me. Honestly I don't think Erin really cared where we were going, but for me it's not a Disney trip - a true disney trip - until I walk down Main Street. It's not even seeing the castle. To me Main Street USA defines the Disney Parks. It's where I feel Walt walking. It's not me being New Age-y or anything, I just feel the Disney connection from there.

We got the park and immediately felt the Christmas spirit. The Magic Kingdom was decked out with Holiday cheer. Pointsettas lead the way to the ticket gates, they surrounded the Train Station, and then all the way down main street there were wreaths lining the sky and the lights.

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