Holiday Travels

So Erin spent the week here in Alaska with me. She got in last Saturday and we immediately headed for Kenai. It was my parents' wedding anniversary so we surprised them with a "FedEx" package that was "late in arrival". Mom was so surprised she screamed, through her purse across the room and proceeded to squeeze teh life out of Erin. Hysterical.

Mom was voiceless for three days after.

Spent most of the week down there and travelled back to Anchorage this past Saturday. Roads were good till we dropped down into Portage. Fishtailed quite a bit, but survived (though to hear Erin tell it we nearly died. Whatev.)

Yesterday we saw Disney's A Christmas Carol which was FAB! go see it! and then came back to try to put our Disney vids onto disk and I couldn't find my DVD recorder's remote. We tore my room apart, still no remote, so at 10pm last night we drove all over Anchorage trying to find a replacement DVD recorder... no such luck! So we bought tapes instead and were just going to do that until I could find a DVD recorder... we sit down get halfway through the first tape and out of no where the remote appeared between us! Seriously! the weirdest thing!

So we had a good laugh.

Now we're just transferring the stuff to DVD and sitting on our bums. We didn't go to bed until after 1am last night. Crazy stuff.

erin leaves today and I am sooooooooooo bummed.


We've hit a snag...

Come to find out our trip is not official. Erin only has a week officially off, she'd been counting on a second week. Not good. She was informed this past week that there wouldn't be a second week. Hm.

So this puts us in a situation where we will most likely have to fly down. August is still an option that way, and that also brings in November as an option.

Now, my feeling is that if we're going to fly I'd rather go down in November, becasue we would hit Disney while it was in Christmas mode. That's something I've wanted to see for quite a while.

Problem is: 2010 was supposed to be a roadtrip year. So I am somewhat bummed if this is what is going to happen.

Also big problem is if we go in November - it cramps my job option style, Erin won't get to go to Haille's birthday trip to Disneyland... and it's not a road trip lol

She's going to plead her [our] case again next week. Then we'll really has out the whole plan...

so that's where we stand at teh moment... I'm torn as to how I feel...


Just sittin here day dreamin...

and trying to figure out what life would be like if we got Free Dining while we're at WDW next year...

if I understand it free dining would be the basic plan, which means one table service credit, one counter/quick service credit, and one snack credit per night we're there.

That's 13 credits of each (and for each) for our trip... that would be fantastic!

IF that's what we get then here is how I would propose we do the Table Service credits...

Hoop-Dee-Do Review = 2 Credits each (this is something Erin wants to do and we will do with our without the DDP)
Chef Mickey's = 1 credit each
Akerhaus = 1 credit each
1900 Park Fare (dinner) = 1 credit each
Boma! = 1 Credit each
California Grill (during WISHES!) = 2 credits each
Maya Grill (first night we're there) = 1 credit each
Tusker House = 1 Credit Each
Whispering Canyon = 1 Credit each
Trex 360 = I would assume this is on the DDP, but I'm not sure

and there are credits left over...

I'm going to book these TS's when the time comes even if we don't know if the DDP is going to be a promo again or not. Better to get them and then cancel than not get them at all!