Passporter is in hand

My copy of the 2010 Passporter came in the mail last week (finally)! I am so excited as it is so much easier to keep everything together and I can keep up with any changes. Though it is already a tad outdated with the planned changes in the parks, but that's just fine by me!

Still checking in everyday on the Walt Disney World website to see if more rooms with queen beds have become available, but no such luck. Bummer!

Nothing much is really going on with it, though. In a holding pattern until the calendar for November is up on their site so I can see the park hours. And we have until probably May before we find out when the Christmas Parties in the Magic Kingdom will be!

Just wanted to post something in here so it doesn't look dead. ha ha!


Happy New Year, I'm Sick.

So we're still planning our trip. Still drooling over the fantastic menus from the restaurants we would like to dine at. Still counting down. Not much has changed.

Erin has informed me that she will sleep on the floor if need be to keep our reservation at Coronado Springs. So King Bed or not we're staying there (We're still holding out hope for NOT, we need two beds, yo!).

Just waiting for time to book our ADRs (not till May! *sob*)

I'm sick today, again, so I stayed home... it's what keeps my mind off of feeling crappy.