Now the Countdown will really start...

On Sept. 27 we will hit the 45 day mark. That's the time that Disney designates that packages must be paid in full - well, we were paid in full earlier this summer when the discounts came out in abundance and we ended up with free dining. So we've just been sitting here waiting and hoping. Still no two beds in our room, we're still in teh king room. However if we hit 45 days and there's not one to be had we can wait and ask about 5 days out when they do the room assignments and see if we can possibly slip in, but still pay the king price. I don't care if we don't get refunded, that's not why we want the standard room. We just want our own bed lol

All of our dining plans have been made, hotels on the way down and back are set. Tours in New Orleans and San Antonio are planned. All that's left, really, is for me to buy a plane ticket to Seattle. Yes, that's right, still haven't done that one yet, but hopefully soon. PFD is being announced tomorrow so hopefully AlaskaAir will give a sweet deal for trips to Seattle. One can hope anyway, if not it's going to be over two hundred dollars for a one way ticket, which I guess is not that bad, but then they charge for baggage and all these others stupid hidden fees and it just frustrates me.

Oh well, the trip is just around the corner. Final week of work for me started today (yay!) so I am definitely ready for VACATION!