We're going!

Bought tickets to Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party last night for November 16!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party

So I've been bemoaning the fact that I can't truly plan our trip out (WDW wise anyway) until we know the dates for Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party - well, I got what I whined for. Dates and tickets will be released on thursday according to a post on Passboardboards.com!!! Can't wait!


Overdue for an Update!

Wow, we've been extremely bad about updating our journal. Not sure what that is about, other than we're both extremely busy working to pay for our obsessive habit of travelling. I can't speak for Erin, but I know that the only thing that keeps me in my job is the fact that I have trips that need to be paid for. I think Erin enjoys her job, though, so lucky for her.

Anyway, we have everything booked except my airfare. Still trying to find the best deal, though, and it's going to be expensive as we are starting in Seattle for the road trip and ending in Salt Lake City. It's a long story as to why - mainly I was not paying attention when I was planning out our days on the road, and so Erin's mom came to the rescue and told us to forget Seattle on our return trip and head for Utah. Thanks Patty! You are a life saver!

We have booked all of our hotel rooms for the road trip both going down to Disney and coming back. And, of course, we have the Disney trip booked and are paying it off each month. If Erin would send her check on time, it'd help a great deal, but can't complain too much I suppose as it's getting done little by little. We have a little over six months to go, and November cannot come soon enough.

Anyway. Here are our Travel Plans.

Day One: Seattle, WA
Toni flies in from Anchorage. 9:50am
Erin drives in from Deer Lodge. 9-10pm
Hotel: America's Best Value

Day Two: Bakersfield, CA
Leave Seattle by 5:30am.
Get into Bakersfield 10pm.
Hotel: Hilton Garden Inn

Day Three: Amarillo, TX
Leave Bakersfield by 6:30am
Get into Amarillo by 9:30pm
Hotel: Travel Lodge Amarillo West

Day Four: Baton Rouge, LA
Leave Amarillo by 6am
Get into Dallas Fort Worth by Noon (meeting up with Shorty and the Nichols! CAN'T WAIT!)
Leave DFW by 4pm
Get into Baton Rouge by 11pm
Hotel: Crestwood Suites

Day Five: DISNEY, BABY!!!
Leave Baton Rouge by 9:00am
Get into Lake Buena Vista by 7pm
Hotel: Coronado Springs Resort!

Then, on the way back....

Day One: New Orleans, LA
Leave Disney :( by 9:00am
Get into New Orleans by 7pm
Hotel: Prince Conti Hotel (French Quarter, Baby!)

Day Two: San Antonio, TX
Leave New Orleans by 10am
Get into San Antonio by 5:30pm
Hotel: Travel Lodge Amarillo/Riverwalk (!!!)

Day Three: Albuquerque, NM
Leave San Antonio by 9:00am
Get into Albuquerque by 8pm
Hotel: Days Inn - Midtown

Day Four: Salt Lake City
Leave Albuquerque by 6pm
Get into Salt Lake City by 4pm
Toni flies away :(

that's all the updating I can do for now!